Hey, "Experts" say: Dow Jones' Future Trends are   UNPREDICTABLE!

...I used to believe it too, until I proved myself wrong...

...And Yes! The Dow Jones' Future Trends Are Predictable!  ...Despite the Disbelief!


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Without knowing where the markets are heading tomorrow, next weeks, next months, or next years, traders and "experts" are just navigating in the dark, without any visibility!

This was my case for a long time until I discovered the secrets behind the charts of Financial Instruments...

Like everyone out there and without any specific strategy, I used too, to randomly hope and pray on losing days. But things changed drastically while I was writing this book...

Asking better questions leads to better answers!

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Who is the Author?

Designed And Developed By Aman KABIR

Hey there, my name is Aman Kabir. I am an entrepreneur, a coach, and the author, designer, and developer of the EXPERT TRADING SECRETS.

That all started in 1998, while I was attending for the 5th times the Tony Robbins' UPW seminar in London, UK. Well, that was a moment of truth... I was then working hard and seven days a week... While being a staff of the European Space Agency (ESA - equivalent of NASA) in charge of Telecommunications systems for controlling the European satellites in Germany, I was also the owner of a major Fitness Center close to my home.

During the UPW seminar, I decided to register for Tony's Mastery University program which includes the "Wealth Mastery", "Life Mastery," and "Date With Destiny" seminars.

Soon after, I attended a four day "Wealth Mastery" seminar in 1998 in London. For a novice like me, who didn't even know what "bullish", "Bearish", "short", or "long" meant, the seminar sounded quite interesting. The chart patterns seemed mysterious and exciting, but without knowing at all how to interpret them, forged my curiosity. It gave me the conviction that there must be a way to discover the hidden secrets behind those patterns.

Then, I started to read several dozen books and attended further seminars, without any major breakthrough. With the time, I became more and more frustrated because no light was seemingly visible at the end of the tunnel...

Luckily, it was in year 2000 that I listened to Tony's Power Talk audio tape with Robert Prechter. This sounded quite interesting and I ordered immediately the Prechter's book, called "Elliott Wave Principle". It was exactly the type of books I was desperately looking for. I read, or more precisely, studied it in three days without interruption. It was the first time I could make real sense of financial charts... Although the book explained in detail the chart pattern recognition, it didn't say much about order management, trading or investing.

As a shy guy then, the moment of epiphany happened when I was on holiday in a Club Med resort in Spain in 2001. For the first time, I decided to write a book on investing and trading. This was a courageous decision. Though, my goal was then, to leave rather a legacy in the form of an academic book, with a lot of theory, but without specific practice, like so many "useless” books, you may find around nowadays...

With the time, it became for me a kind of obsession to discover those secrets behind the market charts. Then, I started further investigative work to test brokers, trading strategies and so on...
It is after retiring in 2014 that I finally decided to write the Expert Trading Secrets book.

Actually, the book started to mature while I was writing it. As you may guess, new questions were constantly popping up in my mind one after the other, that of course required each a new answer.

Because I came from an engineering background, I was luckily not indoctrinated with embedded limiting beliefs that many economists and financiers get infected with in universities, about what is possible and what is not…

For the first time, the strategy predicted the financial crises of 2008 with high level of accuracy just six weeks before Dow Jones reached a top on October 11, 2007. As we all know, it then fell from 14,198 points down to 6,470, or some 54% loss, in a matter of some 18 months until March 6, 2009.

The book in 2014 predicted for the Dow Jones a historical top of 24,717, to occur after March 6, 2017. Though, with the severe market manipulations since then, The tax cut for the rich, the resumption of a disguised form of QE in 2019, and the injection of trillion dollars during and after COVID-19, has propelled the Dow Jones to nearly 35,000 points.

The flip side is the unprecedented ballooning of the US federal debt to over $30 trillion and the Fed's balance sheet of $10 trillion.

Meanwhile the Dow Jones is in a topping phase in 2021. Once the predicted historical top is achieved, it should start a plunge to around 5,837 points in December 2023, or later.

Note that the bull market since 2009 is mainly the result of numerous so-called Quantitative Easing (QE) measures decided by various world central bankers. However, these measures create a more and more disconnect between the real economy and the financial markets. As a consequence, the government's debt and the central banker’s balance sheets have meanwhile become huge bubbles, ready to pop up soon. As many say "trees don't grow to the sky!"

The burden of government's debt is currently sustainable because the central banks have artificially engineered an environment of close-to-zero interest rate. But soon, things are going to change, rather drastically.

After the historical crash, with lesser severity though this time than the one of the Great Depression 1929, during which Dow Jones lost 89.5% from its top in some 34 months, a century long period of growth and prosperity will kick in.

This book is the fruit of over 20 years of research and development by the author.
Once you master the Expert Trading Secrets, charts can no longer hide their secrets and you will be able to predict their future trends autonomously.
Let's imagine a moment: what you could do with your investing capital if you knew IN ADVANCE where the markets will be trending, tomorrow, next weeks, next months, or next years?

This knowledge can either make you immensely prosperous by riding the chart waves upward and downward, or prevent you from severe losses while the markets are looking for a bottom.

Don't forget, once the bottom is reached, a century long period of growth and prosperity will kick in thereafter.
Like many out there, I used  to believe for a long time that the market future trends are unpredictable, until this book proved me wrong. You may well get the same experience too...
You'll get the necessary tools and support to master the strategies of the book and become your own financial advisor.

...And one of author's life missions is to prove scientifically that the future is predictable.
To live a spiritually happy life, we all need to grow and contribute each single day. Growing could mean learning new skills, replacing a bad behavior by a better one, improving one’s self-love and self-esteem, or discovering deep inside, the true human being we are.

Learning creates the opportunity to live the noble values of surprise, adventure, spontaneity, curiosity, inspiration, passion, and growth. Above all, it dispels the feelings of boredom and monotony. Learning let us grow and enlarge our comfort zone.
The act of contribution gives us the opportunity to share the magical moments of our lives with love and generosity. A beautiful smile to a stranger, an anonymous assistance to a person in need, but also through technological innovations that could make people’s lives easier and enjoyable, are a few examples of contribution.

The most memorable moments of our life are the ones of sharing. You can then realize that the joy and pleasure of giving and sharing with love and generosity is much more intense than those of taking and keeping for oneself.

We are all on earth to experience the deepest feelings of love and happiness. These are our true needs and desires. So, why waste time and settle for a mediocre life when a great one of happiness is at hand?

We can all change our lives for the better by taking a real decision. Will today be the beginning of a happier life for you? The decision is yours…

What The Book Is All About?



What's Inside the Book?

  • Elliott Wave Theory, Practical Part
  • ​Includes Analyses of Covid-19 Mini Crash!
  • ​Technical Analyses Versus Fundamental Analyses
  • ​Trend Prediction Strategy
  • Order Management Strategy
  • Two Leading Indicators To Let You Follow The Market Trends Close To Real Time!
  • ​What Is Trading Or Investing?
  • ​Market Timing
  • ​Pessimists Versus Optimists: What About Realists?
  • Historical Analyses Of Dow Jones Since 1695
  • ​Detailed Analyses Of Dow Jones Since 1915
  • ​Detailed Analyses Of Great Depression Between 1929 And 1932
  • ​Detailed Analyses Of Dow Jones From 1932 To 2021
  • Dow Jones Predictions Until the end of 2023
  • ​​Social Herding Behavior
  • Consequence Of Protectionism
  • ​​​Psychology Of Trading
  • ​​​Reward-Risk Ratio
  • ​Loss Parking Strategy
  • Order Types & Management
  • ​Management Of Losses
  • What Is Money, Gold, The Fed etc...
  • ​Inflation & Deflation
  • Government Debt Sustainability Formula
  • ​The Six Principle Laws of Economy 
  • Analyses of Major World Indexes
  • ​Analyses of Major World Economies
  • ​What is Financial Freedom?
  • If The Future Can Be Predicted Based On The Knowledge Of The Past, Then Is Our Destiny Predetermined?

With Trading Or Investing, You Can Choose To Live On Your Own Terms

  • You'll become your own financial advisor!
  • You'll predict the charts' future trends without external assistance.​​
  • You'll determine IN ADVANCE the right timing to open or close a position.
  • ​You'll ensure that you are on the right side of trends most of the time.
  • You'll determine in advance the amounts of potential gains and losses.
  • ​​Becoming Your Own Boss!
  • ​Getting Financial Freedom By Trading Or Investing!
  • Choosing to Live Anywhere in The World!
  • Choosing To Work Whenever You Want...
  • ​Choosing to Make As Much Money As You Want...

  What People Say About The Expert Trading Secrets Book

***** of 5 stars:
Best knowledgeable book ever, By Amazon Customer -Verified Purchase

Best knowledgeable book ever: A Very comprehensive and analytic view and tools For today and future trading with understanding of worlds political and environmental effect on the economy. For beginners and specialists. great book. thank you Mr. Kabir.
- John Scott, CA
Reviewer: James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review, 278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI, 53575, USA

A new book by Aman Kabir "Expert Trading System:

...The Expert Trading Secrets Book is designed to help predict the market trends with unprecedented accuracy and highest probability of success.

The Trend Prediction Strategy combined with the sophisticated Order Management Strategy can help the readers preserve their wealth during the hard times ahead, or even produce astonishing gains by trading the financial instruments.

Utilization of Reward-Risk Ratio and Loss-Parking Strategy enables traders and investors achieve the highest amounts of gains while drastically reduce the number of losing trades.

Chapter 8 describes in detail the thinking processes that lead to the prediction of the Dow Jones trends until the end of 2022.
- James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
***** of 5 stars:
Not just theory - actual practical strategies with proof. - By Steadybird

Aman clearly knows what he is talking about, loves this subject and is a successful investor.

As a novice I learned more about trading from this book than anything else I've read so far.

He also mentions the nature of the trading methods using 'Probabilistic science' probability of certain number of attempts, versus 'deterministic science' - exact results.

I actually loved his analogy of how we decide to buy a pair of shoes versus trading! For a novice like me, I found these types of analogies useful.

It is Wall Street Uncovered without the BS.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader with set ideas, I recommend you investigate what Aman has to say.
- Steady Bird, Sint Maarten

This book is a game changer!

I have read many trading books. Most of them are badly written...

This one gives an easy and clear way to understand the Elliott Wave, trend prediction, order management, trading, and investing, all in one book.

Whether you are a newbie or a professional trader, Aman's strategies will bring your trading knowledge to the next level...
- John Scott, CA

I have the privilege of knowing the author, so I know that he does not sell dreams and that his book is not another promise to make a fortune quickly and easily.

No, this book is the result of years of passionate and structured research, carried out by a man of value.

If your knowledge of trading is minimal buy this book and "go back to school",  discover, learn and I am sure you will be very satisfied with your purchase.

If you already have a good and solid knowledge of trading, then this book will certainly bring you a new or more successful vision of trading.


I bought this book without conviction.
That was my surprise.

I have found in this book information, techniques and the method that I was missing for years. And found precious tips to better manage my investments.
Thank you Aman!
- Steady Bird, Sint Maarten

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ARe you serious about trading
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